★. Power Supply: AC:220V(110V)/50Hz  

★. Preheat the stand: 853A  

★. Power Consume: 600W  

★. Bound of temperature: 98ºC – – – 380°C 

★. Hot Air: Brushless Engine   

★. Power Consume: 550W  

★. Bound of temperature: 100°C – – – 450ºC    

★. Nozzle resistance groundings: ≤ 2 Ω  

★. Power Supply: direct current 12V  

. Air Volume: 100L / min 

★. Dimensions:  220 * 70 * 250mm

★. Gross Weight: 4.8Kg  



(1) Multi - function assembly maintenance system: Preheating the stand adds the hot breeze gun dismantles the soldering stand, whole system distinguishes to adopt the microcomputer control . The control temperature dot is more accurate, practical sum safety.  

(2) Preheat the stand fraction: The adoption alloy transducer figures displays,energy precision control temperature,the temperature adjusts the range wide ,can set at 98°C -380ºC.  

(3) Breeze gun fraction: The multi - function combination revolve to press to break open by force the pass to establish respectively. Breeze gun temperature;  

The breeze gun outs the breeze measures size.  

(4) This machine tool opens the machine the memory with the automatic storage function, dismissing to open the machine each time to establish afresh Trouble of placing ( the temperature,breeze measures ).  

(5) Have set aptitude check by self function ,when its check the user no work with take the handle after open that mechanic,it will set by self come into sleep state finish in five minutes.  

(6) The heat inside have load sensor temperature linearity, across the micro computer sampling and spring technics,temperature control more truly and stabilization LED show work factory temperature,let it use trustiness induction fistic.  

(7) Run off the air current large and small, use direct current machine no carbon and worn wheel,have the lowest notice and durable,take part ten words control,large wind mete and softness large area more suit to many uses.  

(8) The heat handle have magnetism inductor,when take the handle,system come into work mode quickly,it come back handle fixture (must go in ),then it come into state wait by self, use more humanity system have set cooling,delay wall its life and protect hot air gun in effect.

(9) Temperature quick,it can't be effect by wind mete,exactitude and stabilization.

Packing Includes:  

 Kada 853A Station with preheating plate

 Hot Air Blower Wand Type B (Brushless Engine)  

 Hot Air Gun Holder  

 Includes 3 Single Nozzles

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