Product Features:  

★. (1) Adopts MCU Main Processing Unit,with advanced PID intelligent temperature control heating technology and advanced temperature measurement technology, This technical innovation makes more accurate temperature control.    

★. (2) Unique temperature correction function, it bring improve the temperature measuring quality and measurement accuracy substantially.  

★. (3) Parameter automatic memory function, the transparency setting parameter preservation process, simplifies operation.  

★. (4) Equipped with timing mode and fault intelligent detection function, simple fault easily excluded, save time and efficient, to ensure the stability and reliability of use.  

★. (5) Equipped with timing mode and continuous mode in order to meet different user requirements.  

★. (6) Adopt imported high quality silicon controlled, with non-contact switch quick response、control precision、without the noise and low power consumption etc.  

★. (7) Select high-quality aluminum, using a integrated techniques combined with excellent machining process produced heating plate, has the coefficient of thermal conductivity, high temperature quickly, is heated evenly and heat deformation etc.  

★.(8) Bottom heating mode, especially suitable for LED industry aluminum base plate lamp bead welding repair, effectively avoid the traditional welding mode of high temperature on light bead damage, significantly extend the service life of bead light.  

★. (9) Temperature control range can be suit for any electronic industry. Such as lead and lead-free PCB board preheat, welding Repair, sealing compound,  

Adhesive Dispense constant temperature heating and industrial industries constant temperature heating, sample roasting drying and other temperature test.  

★. (10) Easy to operate,after simple training can fully grasp the method of operation.    

Main Parameter:

Packing List:

Main Parts:

(1) Plate main body

(2) Front Panel

(3) Side Panel

(4) Back Panel

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