★. Temperature sensitive, back to the temperature rapidly.  

★. Especially suitable for SMD mount components by hand, rework and the general components of the welding line.

★. Stainless steel heating element, compare with the traditional ceramic heating element, extending the life of heating element. temperature probe and soldering tip in close contact. temperature sensitive, back to the temperature rapidly.

★. Split design of heating element and soldering iron, soldering tip and the same as international brand. Compare with Integration heating element, the use of cost-saving, easy to replace.

★. LED digital control, precise temperature control, stability.

★. LED digital display, the knob adjustment of input data, visual display, fast and easy to use.

★. Intelligent temperature card management, to prevent operator error transfer temperature.

★. The digital temperature calibration, accurate calibration.  

★. Automatic sleep function, 20 minutes not operation that is automatically enter sleep function. any wake-up operation, soldering iron back to the preset temperature rapidly, to save energy.

★. Self-fault detection. The LED display screen will show “---“,when the heating element is damaged.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage Range: AC 220V±10% 50Hz

Output Voltage: 27V AC

Power Consumption: 60W

Temperature Range: 150℃ - 450℃

Display: LED display

Temperature Stability: ± 1℃ Static (No wind, no load)

Heating Element: Stainless steel heating

Leak resistance of soldering tip: < 2Ω

Leak voltage of soldering tip: < 2mv

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