★. Use 800W high power heating element

★. High flux pump for better power efficient  

★. Dual windows digital display for temperature, wing flux and parameter setup

★. Key touch operation.

★. Elegant operation. Control buttons on the handle also for more flexible use.

★. Display temperature value can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit according to user preference.

★. Card type device management in order to avoid accidental changing of setting parameters by the user.

★. Automatic dormancy function to ensure reduced energy consumption by the equipment, extending the life of the heating element

★. Automatic power off feature to protect the equipment cooling

★. Malfunction alert function

★. The air-outlet uses the brand new technology of tornado type design which helps to maintain the hot air temperature at stable.

★. New streamline handle design for convenient and comfortable feel.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage Range: 220VAC ± 10% 50Hz / 110VAC ± 10% 60Hz

Output Power: 800 W (max) 

 Temperature Range: 150℃- 500℃ (302 F- 932 F)

Temperature Accuracy: ± 10℃

Temperature Correction: ± 50℃ (-58 F ~ + 122 F)

Set up storage: 1,2,3 file (Three shortcut Control) 

Air volume range: 020 level - 099

Hibernation Temperature: 100℃ / 212F (temperature to 100℃ / 212F, the temperature display shows "SLP")

Standby Temperature: 100℃ / 212F (temperature to 100℃ / 212F, the temperature display shows "SLP")

Fault Alarm: Show "H-E" hot core may be damaged

                       Show "S-E" sensors or devices may be damaged

Delayed Shutdown: Normal shutdown (temperature lower than 100℃, machines automatically cut off power supply)    

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