★. High-frequency heating, digital clarity, visual temperature display and convenience. Pre-independence temperature probe, temperature sensitive, back to the temperature rapidly.  

★. Use of the electromagnetic heating element, high-frequency eddy current heating, warming rapidly. From room temperature to 350℃ just only 20 seconds, temperature sensitive, back to the temperature rapidly.  

★. Split design of heating element and soldering iron, soldering tip and the same as international brand, the use of cost-saving, easy to replace.  

★. Precise temperature control providing stability, LED display to facilitate precise visual and reading (AT306DH)  

★. Password lock feature to prevent operator error transfer temperature, management simple.  

★. Automatic sleep function is to save energy, any wake-up operation, easy to use.  

★. Self-fault detection feature, easy to maintain.  

★. Anti-static design.  

★. Ideal for heavy duty operations like manufacturing production line.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltage Range: AC 220V ±10% 50Hz

Output Voltage: 36V AC 400KHz

Temperature Range: 150℃ - 450℃

Temperature Stability: ± 5℃ (No wind, no load)

Display (AT306DH): LED display

Display (AT306H): No Display, Manual Knob for setting temperature

Temperature lock method: Mechanical

Case Material: Aluminum

Heating Element: High-frequency eddy current

Leak resistance of soldering tip: < 2Ω

Leak voltage of soldering tip: < 2mv

Dimension: 152×160×106 mm (L× W × H)

Weight: 2.5Kg 

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