:: Features ::

★. Viewing head: 45° inclined, 360° rotatable binocular head or trinocular

  ● head. The inter-pupillary distance adjustable between 54-75mm; both

  ● diopter adjustment of range ±5mm.

★. Eyepiece: Wide field, high-eyepoint eyepiece, It can observe image of 

  ● observation specimen with glasses. 

★. Objective: Zoom objective magnification 0.70X-4.5X.

★. Magnification range: between 3.5X-180X.

★. Working distance: 100mm, special maximum working distance can provide

  ● more working space for you 

★. Illumination: Built-in and built-out illumination system.

★. Accessories: There are many accessories to choose.

:: Specification ::

SZM series configuration:


Stand for SZM45-B2 Stereo Microscope:  

 Vertical Stand: 248mm(Height),ø32mm(Diameter)

Stand: 200mm×255mm×60mm 

Stand with clips,the diameter of glass stage and white/black stage is ø95mm.

Lamp: 12V/15W halogen bulb, brightness adjustable.

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